BeatBar is world’s only interactive music bar where the guests create music with their drinks. By moving, twisting and re-arranging the glasses on the bar, the guests mix, arrange and create the music together. They control one element of the music each; drums, percussion, bass, melodies etc. Each drink reflects it’s designated music; a sparkly champagne play a sparkly synth – a full-bodied Guinness play a full-bodied bassline. It’s the ultimate party machine for anyone who is looking for a new club experience. Meeting, drinking and enjoying good music has always been a good combination, probably since dawn of humanity. So go ahead, try the ultimate party machine!

SEK 5999

BOOM Speakers 2

Speakers that go BOOM. These are tremendous speakers. I know speakers. Nobody does speakers better than me. Some more stuff here. Also even more. Another one

SEK 130

Candy Synth

The Candy Synth is a color recognizing, 4 channel sequencer. With a top mounted camera, each candy control one instrument and by placing them on the board you create rhythms and melodies. Yellow play drums, blue play bass, green and red play melodies. M&M are the preferred instruments as the systems find them easy to read – and they taste nice as well.

SEK 700


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SEK 560

MC Mic

Pair this microphone with our BOOM speakers and you can be certain nobody will miss a word you say. Drop it to the floor as you finish your speech, for added dramatic effect.

SEK 680


A workshop with the award-winning music platform Yellofier. Record any sounds and make it into a funky beat in a second. Make a full track in a minute. Learn a completely new way of creating complex music. Used at events all over Europe and in schools as an educational tool for kids.

SEK 2000