Big cubes


Big Cubes are probably World’s biggest midi controllers. 3 inflatable cubes, each 2 x 2 x2 meters, one play drums, one play bass, one play melodies. By tilting a cube 45°, 2 or 3 loops can be crossfaded and at the same time a high pass filter makes the mixing more musical. The visual interface is projected on the wall or on a big screen, so that the performers know which side is up. If the same pattern is up on all 3 cubes, the music becomes extra funky – but anything sounds good with anything. You can’t do wrong. Big Cubes is a VERY different musical interaction and a very special experience. And if you had a drink or two before playing, it’s definitely not a problem.

SEK 200


  • Available from Apr 21 2017 to Apr 30 2017
  • Available quantity: 500
  • Amount of participants: Unlimited
  • Age restrictions: none

Big cubes by GoToFuture

Based in Stockholm

GoToFuture Team